Version 0.2 : More effects, more details, more... charming.


  • Improved the main menu, now with more effects, more graphics and more options.
  • Added lightning/thunder effect in the intro.
  • Added new language: Português.
  • Added animations to the "Pause" and "Game Over" screens. Do not miss it!
  • Increased screen resolution.
  • Added a new video effect.
  • Added more fun sound effects.
  • Added new music (a different one every 8 levels).
  • New enemies, traps and mechanisms.
  • New mechanic: pushing boxes (yes, you can also cover holes with them).
  • Added "THE PIT", a mini-level that you must complete if you fall through a hole.
  • Added reminder for the pause key at the start of each level.
  • Added 2 new levels. More puzzles, more action... more fun!
  • Various improvements and fixes.



Enchanted Tower v0.2 (Windows).exe 66 MB
84 days ago
Enchanted Tower v0.2 (Linux).x86_64 68 MB
84 days ago
Enchanted Tower v0.2 (Mac OSX).zip 54 MB
84 days ago

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Cannot get this to work on Windows getting sound only. Win7 Pro x64.


Thanks for give a try to my game.

I'm sorry you're having problems with that version of Windows. I have Windows 10 and it works perfectly.

I'll try to figure it out, but I won't be able to verify it.

Best regards!