bitmagine Studio brings you a new game of skill (a lot), puzzles and platforms, with a "twist" of the nut, that you will love to play.


Scientists at Vega Corp. thought that giving machines intelligence and control over decisions was going to be a major evolution for humanity.

However, so much information and power managed to corrupt the machines, which made the decision that the human being was harmful to the planet. And so, 14 years ago, the extinction of the human race began.

Welcome (unfortunately) to the 24th century!

After an ambush, fate has wanted Axel Slash, a rocker (and mechanic) with a dark past, to take over one of the enemy reconnaissance ships. Tired of having to hide day and night, he decides that he must take this opportunity that fate has given him to stand up to them and infiltrate the very heart of the machine empire to destroy its central core. So, with the element of surprise on his part, he manages to sneak into his domain.

But do not think that it will be a bed of roses, since you will have to face surveillance systems and various mechanisms that will require your "gray matter".

Help our long-haired friend break the yoke of the machines and put an end to the bloody annihilation!


  • Clean and monochrome HD graphic style.
  • Choose your favorite viewing mode: normal mode or retro-TV mode (Scanlines).
  • Great mix of platform and puzzle game with an innovative approach and game mechanics.
  • Show off your skill and intelligence throughout all its levels. Put your brain and fingers to work!
  • Simple controls: move and jump.
  • Control 2 different ball-ships, each with its own qualities.
  • Awesome piece of rock by Alexandr Zhelanov.
  • Be careful, don't get dizzy!

Amazing mix of platforms and puzzles that will "turn around" your head.


  • [A+D], [Z+X] or [LEFT+ RIGHT] to move ball.
  • [W], [UP] or [SPACE] to jump.
  • [P] pause game.
  • [J] Fullscreen on/off.
  • [K] Scanlines on/off.
  • Gamepad and Joystick compatible.


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